"deconeq Engineering Group is a Canadian engineering firm which specializes in providing design and consulting services for engineering needs."

deconeq is widely recognized for its mechanical and structural engineering services throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and China.
We have maintained the integrity of quality design by a careful selection of bright and talented team of individuals, dedicated to each and every project. Our project team is led by extensive experience of engineering practice backed by years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. That’s why we have earned the recognition of our peers in the industry for consistent provision of practical and optimized engineering solutions to our customers.

Furthermore, high quality, superior service and innovative engineering are the key points which define the scope of our practice. That makes the fundamental ideology of our firm providing the client with the best possible solution within budget and on schedule.

We have undertaken multiple complex projects mainly in Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Construction, Refrigeration, Mining, Manufacturing, Food, Pharmaceutical, etc. Our philosophy actively promotes the development of a fruitful and long-term relationship and co-operation between our clients and the project team which is based on mutual trust.

deconeq is regulated by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and is committed to providing services in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Engineers Act. which requires high degree of professionalism and dignity.