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Here we want to answer a very important questions that almost every customer asks us. Read entire this post to find out

How much does it cost to get a CRN?

The CRN registration fee could be as little as few hundreds of dollars for even complicated designs. Most of jurisdictions charge about C$150 per hour to review a design which could take just a few hours. But, what makes it surprisingly expensive is the amount of time the regulator spends on poorly prepared applications. A poorly prepared CRN registration application not only increases the review time and registration expenses, but also ends up in delays in marketing and operation which even cost much more than the registration itself.

A poorly prepared application could simply be rejected or go through a longer process

Based on our experience, a well prepared application takes around two to four hours to review which results in about C$600 or even less. But considering tons and tons of applications are received by jurisdictions every month, it might take few weeks to get into top of their pile. Note that, expediting is usually available for extra fees. A poorly prepared application package could simply be rejected or go through a longer process of review if it lacks the required information or document.

Don’t risk your reputation. Get help.

Our recommendation: avoid sending poorly prepared CRN applications, that consist basically of a pile of unorganized and unreferenced documents, non-compliant designs, catalogues, drawings, etc., to jurisdictions. Relying on the authorities to check the applications, and to perform the applicant’s quality control, which is obviously the applicant’s work, are more likely to get nothing but a bill and no registration!

Frankly said, the owner (manufacturer, designer, applicant etc.) is responsible for a flawless registration. If a design mistakenly registered by a jurisdiction, the owner is responsible for corrective action, once the mistake is discovered. This not only will be much much much more expensive in terms of reputation than what a proper design application preparation would have been in the first place, but also puts the end user, seller, distributor, etc. in a big trouble, if the registered item is already distributed and in use.

Optimize registration costs by minimizing CRN application delays and mistakes, by ensuring that your registration application contains the required information and documents, and is well organized and off course the design meets all requirements of applicable codes, standards and regulations.

To have an idea about how much you need to spend on registration and how long the review tales, following tables summarize the fee as well as lead time for few provinces. Both the fees and process times are the average we have spent in 2016 and 2017 on registrations on behalf of our clients. Obviously, the prices and times may change and are not concrete.

Table 1: Registration fees by jurisdictions

Note: Expedited service is available by some provinces for extra charge


Table 2: Lead times

For more information or contact info for each province see our article here or contact deconeq Engineering Group.