How to Find CRN Number for a Product

deconeq Engineering Group CRN Canadian Registration Number

Here we will answer a question that many of our customers in manufacturing sector ask us. How to find valid CRN number for a product.

Thousands of CRNs have been issued to equipment, piping and components/fittings in Canada. Still not all the products are sold in Canada carry a valid registration number. It means that the safety regulations do not require a manufacturer of a fitting, for example, to have its products registered in any of jurisdictions. But definitely, it is the responsibility of the end user to make sure that the product’s safety gets approved before application within the installation province. Meaning that any product shall be registered either by the supplier or user.

To clarify, consider a ferrule which is sold in Canada. Let’s assume ABC-company is the manufacturer of the ferrule which doesn’t have a valid CRN. Any fabricator willing to use the ferrules by ABC-company on any equipment, needs to have it registered either along with the equipment or separately.

This could cause many problems, as it requires a costly and lengthy registration process by the buyer. Unfortunately, there is no published list of CRNs by Canadian jurisdictions. But the good news is that there is a way to look up CRNs for products which are registered Canada wide, as well as in Atlantic provinces. You can simply find a product with a CRN number on ACI Central’s website.

For this you need to enter either company’s name or the CRN number. You can check the product description and registration, date of registration, expiry date and other useful information.

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